The order of the market is the lifeblood of the entire office furniture industry

According to the developed countries of the office furniture industry experience, a market after full competition, a large number of enterprises will no longer exist, among the remaining enterprises 20% enterprises will occupy 80% of the market.

"In the current market competition, an enterprise if relaxing quality management, serious quality problems, the results will die very miserably." With the increasingly fierce market competition, profit margins decreased gradually, false propaganda, shoddy phenomenon on the market began to rise, has already caused the attention of society and government management department. "To design the market access system of office furniture market this year, some do not have the production conditions, the operating conditions of the individuals and businesses out of the market outside the threshold. To further improve the management mechanism, strengthening standardized management, from the system to plug the loopholes in the management, put an end to the supervision of the dead."

Office furniture market on credit, product quality and standard management. However, according to a set of data provided by the Bureau of Hebei province shows that, at present Hebei province furniture market in these areas, there are still some problems. In 2012 the qualified product sampling rate was only 76%, the main problem lies in the wood furniture formaldehyde exceed the standard of heavy metal content, in addition, there are counterfeit, hanging brand, trademark infringement and unfair competition. Hebei Province Industrial and commercial system last year handled 2286 pieces of furniture report, consumers reflect the main issues, one is ordered furniture and display does not match. Two operators using the contract not expressly stipulated by consumers. Three is not fulfill the agreement, if not timely delivery or refused to bear the liability for breach of contract. Four is the after sale service is not in place, product problems operators refused to repair.

"This year for office furniture ( market conduct strict examination, the shoddy, false propaganda, do not provide product specification, unknown phenomenon must be resolutely combat, not hesitate."

Market disorder should let us these office furniture business Baotuan starting out of the doldrums of the times, so stores, strict market order to strengthen the furniture city field supervision, make furniture market in our country has a good development prospect.


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