The development of second-hand furniture needs government awesome support

Second-hand furniture has become a node of many master heart, lost it, too bad; keep it, and too old. Be in a nice hobble, second-hand furniture in the end what decide on what path to follow, many people have given weapon, of course, also need the government to awesome support.

Furniture stores try "with old change new"

With the home appliance recycling gradually walk "with old change new" route, is also home to live big pieces of furniture products, whether also can take this road? But this is like a raging fire in the household appliance industry, "TM" activities, can be recognized by consumers in the home furnishing industry?

According to the reporter understands, red star Macalline, unexpectedly the home and other large home furnishing enterprises have played a "furniture with old change new" slogan, the furniture with old change new into the operational orbit through market activities. Method of operation is usually both consumers and businesses to trade price of transactions, stores will eventually be recycled products or to give way to digest. At present, the operation of old furniture recycling home furnishing stores still can be counted on one's fingers, and to store the form of activities, specialized in furniture sales, unified, Markor and other enterprises have no this service, so the scale, standardization of real recycling system, in home furnishing market still does not appear?

Currently on the market most of the old furniture to the second-hand market in some streets and lanes. From the home appliance with old change new national policy attributes, furniture new still seems just the individual behavior to the old. According to the house of Liaoning branch general manager Shao Hua introduction, concept of second-hand furniture recycling is good, it is good to establish a relatively perfect system of the original, how to better operation and achieve the expected effect, still in the exploration.

The personage inside course of study also suggested that the relevant departments, try out the industry policy, encourage the repurchase of old furniture, strengthen market guidance, and provide more ways to reduce waste, old furniture, the pressure on the environment.

There are also some people suggested that, if the furniture enterprises to try to learn from experience in home appliance industry, the recycling old furniture or furniture with old change new business new, may be able to set up a new furniture marketing mode. In addition, but also community led, let residents furniture replacement, promote the circulation of second-hand furniture nearby.

Future: two times using channels still need time

There are a lot of old furniture was abandoned a year, also some people have needs, but only from the streets of individual purchase the way, let the interests of both sides are not guaranteed, so a relatively perfect recycling system consumers are looking forward to.

But the two circulation system of channels can build out home furnishing stores? How to undertake certain responsibility in this link? According to Chen Xuemei said: "at present, most consumers can not accept the purchase of recycling furniture, after decades of years but does not eliminate, with limited resources and advancing ideas, build may contribute to furniture two times the circulation channel, make index second-hand furniture circulation price, utilization and environmental protection have been standardized, more rational use of the resources. Furniture two utilization is an ongoing process, is now in the stage of acceptance by the market, the old furniture classification processing, timber, again two times using need more specialized institutions or factories, with the home furnishing low carbon gradually, the repeated use of wood and metal products and environmental design the use of rebirth, the furniture will be more and more. Want to have a practical furniture regeneration system."


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